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Waihi Bach

Situated across the road from the beachfront at Waihi Beach this small New Zealand 'bach' captures the essence of a family holiday at the beach.  The two-storey bach replaces a small single storied concrete block structure that had been in the family for the previous twenty five years.  The bach is designed in the tradition of the classic 'dune hopper' with simple mono-pitch roofs, raking wing walls and an upper deck peering over the sand dunes to capture sea views.

Built on a very lean budget there was no room for non functional elements and bespoke detailing.  This modest budget dictated the use of cost effective materials, efficient space planning and industry standard construction methods.


Waihi Beach, Bay of Plenty

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Internally the bach contains four double bedrooms two bathrooms and two living areas.  Externally four different outdoor living spaces provide varying levels of protection and enclosure.  The front deck opens to the street and serves as an informal entry.  While a smaller north facing deck tucked behind a wing wall offers a sunny retreat.  At the rear a covered deck captures the afternoon sun and provides protection from sea breezes.  Views from the upper deck informed the decision to rotate the bach on the site to capture coastal vistas stretching down the coast to Mount Maunganui.

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Externally the overall form is broken into a collection of individual elements which are emphasised with playful colours that evoke a relaxed atmosphere.  Random centre battens provide additional texture to bandsawn plywood cladding.  The upper 'dune hopper' form rests on a stack bonded concrete brick wing wall forming a threshold between the street and private spaces beyond.