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Photographer - Jason Haselden

IT Partners Fitout

Deemed to have limited refurbishment potential due to the low height of the primary beams this space had remained vacant for many years.   Demolition work began with the removal of laboratory benching and stripping back a heavily partitioned floor plate until all that remained was a bare cast insitu concrete structure.  As this process unfolded opportunities to overcome these perceived limitations became apparent.   A decision to maximise the available height by exposing services led to the early involvement and close collaboration with mechanical, electrical and fire contractors.  This approach allowed services to be carefully planned and co-ordinated. 

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Hamilton, Waikato

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"A well-handled interior fitout creates a fresh vibe for a progressive IT company. The long and narrow floor plate has been addressed effortlessly with simplicity and restraint, allowing the occupants to truly own their workplace. The architect's rigorous hand in the design of lighting and services enhances the pared back philosophy applied to the space."

- NZIA Waikato / Bay of Plenty Jury

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On arrival a continuous ribbon of LED light further accentuates the primary circulation axis subtlely revealing the workspaces beyond. Solid partitions running across the space at strategic intervals create thresholds between public and private activities.  Longitudinal partitioning is predominantly glazed to maintain internal transparency and offer a visual connection to outside.

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