The Splay House

The clients brief called for a house that would cater for the needs of a young family of five.  In order to accommodate these requirements within a constrained footprint, care was taken to minimise dedicated circulation in favour of linking dual purpose spaces.   The house hinges around a central covered deck which serves as a transitional space offering shelter from the elements while informally connecting public and private wings.

NZIA Award Badges_V2-08


Hamilton, Waikato

House 3 – 2 of 6

"Located in suburbia with a hidden gully edge, this house utilises a bold unfolding site strategy that maximises interior and exterior space. The simple sculptural forms radiate around a generous central living court, creating intimate connections between all spaces. This is an excellent example of standard construction methodology expressed with considered material craft."

- NZIA Waikato / Bay of Plenty Jury

House 3 – 3 of 6
House 3 – 5 of 6

In order to meet budgetary constraints, conventional timber framed construction is used throughout.  The external form of the dwelling is derived from the reinterpretation of a traditional hipped roof which is then eroded to create covered areas.  This subtractive approach provides solar control and protection to door openings without compromising the idea of a singular form. 

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