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Photographer - Dan Hilson

Talking Tech Fitout

This fitout began with stripping back the existing space until only a shell remained.  Concrete floors were polished and paint removed from columns and walls.  Internal walls and glazing were  positioned to suit the module of an exposed waffle ceiling structure whilst also creating opportunities to discretely add acoustic treatment to a space that predominately consists of hard surfaces. The design strategy involved keeping the space as open as possible to allow the occupants to take in the whole space and create a stronger visual connection to the external environment.  Where required, closed off spaces are located in positions that divide the overall space as little as possible. 

NZIA 2016 local Award Badge-01


Hamilton, Waikato

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"The top floor of an existing building has been saved and repurposed with great flair and imagination. This is a high-tech fit-out in a low-tech environment, where the structure is laid bare and new services are exposed. The judicious use of recycled materials and furniture is an ideal complement to the building's dark tones, expressed in steel, wood and concrete. A journey of discovery and imagination by the architects and owner alike has resulted in a rich, urban loft in which to conduct a business."

- NZIA Waikato / Bay of Plenty Jury

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The brief called for one unconventional meeting space.  This space is concealed behind a salvaged boiler room door that slides aside to reveal a deep wall opening.  As people pass through this opening they discover a completely contrasting cave like space with blue faceted surfaces and integrated seating.


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